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Beginner & Novice 1-4

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Players can come with little or no skating experience

Starting @ $750


Players will learn the proper skating techniques of falling down and getting up using balance control. Full gear is not required but is highly recommended. A beginner player will not learn to feel comfortable in hockey skates without overcoming the fear of injuries. This is why using hockey gear as protection and learning balance control is a main focus. Similar to walking, this program is an introduction to hockey skating; learning the difference between skaters inside, outside, and flat edges. Hockey skaters balance on their flat edges, marching forwards and backwards using their inside edges and eventually using their outside edges for turning control and lateral movements.


  • Prerequisite to Novice 1– 4 and DC Nforcers.
  • For Ages 2 - 8yrs
  • Two 45 Min Sessions per week
  • 20 Students per group
  • Includes a Jersey and Helmet Stickers


  • Hockey Skates (Rentals are Available)
  • Hockey Helmet with Mask
  • Sticks (Recommended for Beginner 2)
  • Hockey Gloves
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