Luiz M. Taifas

Founder, President & CEO


  • The Vision behind Ion International Training Center
  • Member of Romanian Olympic Team for 14 years
  • 22 years local Hockey and Figure Skating Coach
  • 2 times Balkan Champion


Mr. Luiz Taifas is a Romanian National Figure Skating Champion, Balkan Champion, World, European, International competitor and medalist. Mr. Taifas was a member of the Romanian Olympic Team, and a member of Romanian National Team for 14 years. Since his retirement from competition, Mr. Taifas has gained over 18 years of coaching experience both in figure skating and hockey, with multiple success stories. Mr. Taifas is the vision behind this project. As an high level athlete, Mr. Taifas has travelled and competed in 58 countries. For the past 18 years Mr. Taifas has served in various capacities in the ice-skating industry. These roles have included both figure skating and hockey coaching, elite training, and rink operations and management.

Mr. Taifas is a globally recognized figure in the industry. Mr. Taifas specializes in Freestyle figure skating, jump & spin, stroking, off-ice conditioning classes, choreography, and power skating for hockey.


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