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Return to Ice Procedures - Phase Two

While we are excited to return to the ice, it will not be business as usual inside the rink.  During Phase Two, we will be limited to a maximum 30 skaters on the ice for Freestyle, and maximum of 50 Hockey players for Stick and shoot on the ice at any one time, and social distancing is still required so no contact will be permitted during hockey training sessions.  

We have reviewed return-to-ice plans from Minnesota Hockey, Hockey Canada, Michigan Hockey, Massachusetts Hockey, and the IIHF to get a grasp on best-practices being used to safely return to the rink.  We’ve also reviewed the Center for Disease Control’s (“CDC”) COVID-19 guidance (much of which is included below) as it relates to protection against COVID-19.  In the interest of safety for all concerned, and in addition to any procedures implemented by the rinks, the following rules govern all Ion activities until further notice:

COVID-19 Awareness and Management:

  • If you have ANY symptoms associated with COVID-19, you may not enter the building. Please stay home.
  • If you have tested positive (whether or not you have symptoms related to COVID-19), or otherwise been diagnosed with COVID-19, you may not enter the building until cleared by a qualified medical professional. 
  • If you know, believe, or suspect that you have been exposed to COVID-19, or come in to contact with a person infected by COVID-19, you should self-isolate, and may not enter the building until 14-days have passed in which you are symptom free.
  • Players and skaters displaying COVID-19 symptoms or other signs of illness should immediately be removed from the ice and sent home.  
  • Each coach must have an emergency contact number for each of their students or players on their team.  If a skater or player must be removed, immediately notify the player’s parents, and make sure the player is isolated but observed until a parent arrives to take the player home.  

On-Ice Activities:

  • The CDC’s social distancing policy must be followed at all times, on and off the ice.  According to Phase Two regulations, coaches and players must remain at least 10’ apart during training.  That means no contact.  That also means no high-5’s, dogpiles, corner battles, or net front skirmishes. For Hockey we will focus on skill development, creativity, and decision making until we enter subsequent phases where contact may be allowed.  
  • If players or skaters do not observe social distancing requirements, they must be removed from the ice. 
  • All practices and sessions will end early enough to allow for players and skaters to leave the ice in an orderly fashion.  All pucks should be sent to a designated corner from a safe distance to be picked up by the coaches.  Players then should line up along the boards at least 6’ apart and depart the ice one at a time.  Pucks and other equipment can then be collected and removed.  
  • Helmets and gloves must remain on at all times on the ice. 
  • Players are encouraged to clean and disinfect their equipment before the next use.
  • Players should not share any equipment with other players.
  • Players and skaters should depart the rink immediately following practice.
  • All Coaches, Staff, and Volunteers must complete and return the COVID Training Certification prior to participating in person in any activities.
  • Players attending training sessions must submit a waiver.
  • Come to the rink determined to have fun!  

Pre-Activity Procedures:

  • Players and skaters should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their ice session.  Ice sessions at Ion will be spaced by at least 20 minutes, and players for the next session may not enter the building until everyone from the prior session has left the building.  Players should depart the rink immediately following practice. 
  • Everyone entering the rink will have their temperature taken at an outside check-in station before entering the building.  Anyone displaying a fever above 100.4 will not be permitted in the building.
  • Locker rooms will not be available for players or coaches.    Players and skaters must dress at home and come to the rink needing only to put on skates, helmet, and gloves.  They should remove those items and leave the rink quickly after practice to undress at home.  The only exception to this rule is for goalies as they require to dress on the premises, we have designated areas that allow changing while maintaining social distancing, please ask at the front desk.
  • Please familiarize yourself and your son or daughter with Ion’s social distancing procedures, including spacing lines, traffic flow, and rules regarding entering and exiting the ice.  
  • SHARING OF WATER BOTTLES IS NOT PERMITTED.  Do not use rink water fountains.  Bring water from home in a bottle with the player’s name clearly marked.

Each coach, volunteer, player, family, or other participant must decide for themselves whether or not to participate in activities knowing that until COVID-19 is either eradicated, a vaccine is developed, or a cure is found, there is no way of completely eliminating the risk of infection.  Educate yourself as to the risks involved, make informed choices, and above all do everything you possibly can to stay safe.

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